Digital marketing Strategy

Having an efficient digital strategy is crucial for the success of your business. It serves as a blueprint that outlines your goals and objectives, and how you plan to achieve them through digital channels.


Having a digital strategy can offer numerous benefits. Here are a few examples.

Reach new audiences

Reach people who have never seen your business before. Unlike traditional marketing, there is no geographical limit on who you can target and where you can target them.


When you don’t have a clear digital marketing strategy in place, your marketing could be running in different directions. A strategy helps define goals and create a clear focus for your marketing.

measurable results

Digital marketing gives you access to numerous tools that can track and analyse your campaign’s performance. Giving you informed decisions for future campaigns and improving ROI.

4 Steps to Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy

here’s how I do it.




To develop an effective strategy that will drive progress and help you achieve your specific goals, we need to have a clear understanding of your business, team, challenges, and what's important to you. That's why I have designed a comprehensive discovery meeting that will help us uncover all these crucial details.

During the meeting, we will identify the key factors that will drive progress and success for your business. We will deep-dive into your business processes, existing marketing strategies and tactics, team structure, and challenges you are currently facing. This will provide us with a clear understanding of your business and enable us to develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.




Let's take a moment to delve deeper into your digital presence to help us gain a better understanding of your current position and identify areas for improvement.

First, your digital presence, including your website, social media channels, and other online platforms. We'll assess design, functionality, content, and technical issues affecting your online performance. We'll then review your marketing activity, evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising, email campaigns, and content marketing in reaching your target audience.

Finally, we'll analyse your market competition. We'll assess the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and identify opportunities for your business to differentiate and stand out. This will help us better understand the landscape in which you operate and inform our strategy moving forward.




Here is where we begin the development of your strategy by taking the insights we've collected from the discovery and audit phases. These insights will be analysed to create a tailored strategy specifically designed for your business. This plan will lay the groundwork for digital success, leading to consistent and sustainable growth.

Recognising that your business and market are ever-changing, your strategy will be a living document. It will contain well-defined steps but also possess the flexibility needed to seize new opportunities as they emerge.




Here is the fun part, putting the strategy in action. Your strategy will be translated into easy to follow channel plans, providing you and your team with a well-defined route to success.

These plans are tailored to your business needs, taking into account factors such as team size and goal priorities. Every channel plan outlines a specific set of activities, complete with timelines and requirements. Everything is coordinated and aligned with your overarching strategy to ensure that execution works in harmony, optimising your results.

Package Options

social media strategy

A bespoke plan for social media across all channels.
£ 750 one off fee
  • SMART Objectives & Goals Set
  • Target Adudience
  • Content Strategy & 30 days of ideas
  • Channel Planning
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Support from myself via email or phone

Ready to Action Strategy

A full marketing strategy integrating all digital channels.
£ 1300 one off fee
  • SWOT Analysis for your business
  • Audit carried out on all channels
  • A detailed plan with ready to action steps for you to improve your marketing and create digital success

Bespoke Strategy & Set Up

A full marketing strategy integrating all digital channels and an implementation plan.
POE Price on Enquiry
  • Audit carried out on your marketing
  • A detailed implementation plan for your team to follow
  • Time with myself to review and update the strategy after implementation
  • If you don't have a marketing team, don't worry I can do it for you!